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    BANT mag. is a school project. Redesign logo, grid, size and mentality.
Bant Mag. is an independent magazine that has been bringing together new and exciting tendencies about music, film and arts both around the globe and around Turkey since 2004. Since the first day of its existence, Bant Mag. has been aiming to present local alternative movements and subcultures and has been chasing after young talented artists to take them along the way, and together, destroy the geographical boundaries in the world of art and culture. Located in Istanbul, the massive cultural center of Turkey, Bant Mag. has grown the vision to introduce the fresh and avant-garde creativity of Istanbul to other parts of the world, showing there is much more to experience to the city artistically rather than the east-west synthesis clichés and ideas stuck within the traditional stiff walls which are long being surpassed.

Bant Mag., besides being a print and an online media, is also known for organising gigs, exhibitons, workshops mostly in Istanbul and other European cities such as Stockholm, Luxembourg and Berlin. With it's magazine format and events, Bant Mag. has been one of the most important representatives of the Istanbul independent music and art scene has been covered in foreign magazines such as Computer Arts, Print, Evil Monito, Plan B etc…