Special branding project for Eugene Rise, YouTube blogger.
Branding development for a blogger is not actually typical for the agency specializing on the package design. But it was interesting and that’s why we decided to go for it and make it real. 
Eugene Rise makes overviews of cyber sport events and competitions. He has already made his own brand and this summer he launched the same name clothes line. We have created for Eugene a special logo line that served as the basis for the prints of the collection. 
Any blog represents a special author’s vision that’s why we plunged into the world of cyber sport as well as tried to find the look for something that would be definitely associated with Eugene. Then we noticed his love for metal and skulls, his respect for gaming classics. 
As the result we had 30 equally great logos which built a complex with variations instead of variations for making one choice. 
The first two collections of prints were based on our various logo style. The first drop of prints was sold for one week. 
Besides, within the project we’ve managed to do some work for the shooting studio with regard to the event of CS:go coming. 
We loved working with Eugene. Firstly he as well as his team made for us an impression of speaking some other language. But while working on the project we had a great experience making the acquaintance of the cyber sport world and finally got the concept. Now we all learn all news from this area and remember how we were rooting for Navi during the Berlin Major or felt sorry about Zeus leaving the team. 
Bloggers activity is a new type of informational product that exists without any bounds or cliches. If you have made a success in blogging area, we are here for repack you!

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