The Guideline for
product identity of SKTelecom - HomeIOT 

Many products were manufactured without design guidelines,
As a result, the product branding policy was very complicated.
Therefore, it is necessary to establish a product design strategy, and provide guidelines for color, materials,
So that it can be built and executed.

The smart door bell
Through this design 
By applying simple, craftsmanship and finishes,
Beyond the design of the obvious doorbell
Luxurious lifestyle design with totally different feeling Presented.

Connect hub device / IP camera for home security

Multi Adaptor for efficient Power Management

In all products
To develop a differentiated identity in design
Eliminate complex elements, emphasize features it gave a sense of unity.

Creative directing : Jimmy Sungho Park / Keetae Kim
Project managing : Jongheon Park
Product design : Keetae Kim / Yubin Choi / Sungmoo Choi
Client : SKTelecom

We started in 2015 with two designers: Jimmy Sungho Park and Keetae Kim.
Park has experienced global projects as a designer at Samsung Open Tide and Cheil Worldwide,
For an effective combination of user experience and product design, we have established a partnership 
with Kim, an industrial designer from LG Electronics.

Therefore, We were able to design a variety of lifestyle products from our thoughts on the user experience,
We are continuing our projects with various partners through unique style and differentiated design results.
Please feel free to contact us about Brand, Product design collaboration.

Product Identity of Home IOT products