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PIÙ is a place combining hair, makeup, and styling salon. The project is inspired by a combination of the industrial style of craft workshops and pharmacy/drugstore from the beginning of the century. PiÙ means "more" from Italian. And for us "more" means an original approach to creativity, whether it is in design or styling. The identification is based on a hand-torn, raw ecological paper in soothing, matcha-tea color. Paper feels very pleasant to touch. Machine typography completes the handwritten logo. Personalized, made to order, steel and reinforced glass furniture harmonize with the existing elements of the interior - wooden floor and bricks. The whole space is completed with surface-mounted installations and factory lamps. The studio focuses on natural care. Therefore, raw materials are complemented with plants and light that not only fill the main room but also surround it. Owners of this workplace like convenience and comfort of work while ensuring high-quality services. 

PIÙ is a place where you want to go back. 

Interior design: Jagody Studio ( 

Photos: Kuba Szopka ( 

Print house: Dot Studio (