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The Remedy Kit
What if you could grow your own medications at home?

The Remedy Kit gives you the all the supplies and knowledge you need to grow and prepare your own home remedies. It is a sustainable and reliable alternative to over the counter drugs for treating everyday ailments. Each package comes with the ingredients to make your first batch of remedies, and seeds so you can have your own source of herbs for years to come.

Each of the seven kits focuses on healing different ailments:

Primary Packaging Design
Each box comes with a set of four dowels and a lid with a mesh top which can be assembled into a planter and drying rack for the herbs. 

Seed Packets
The seeds packets included in each kit have all of the growing instructions printed on the label.

Ingredient Packaging
The ingredients for the first batch of each remedy are included in the kits and come in reusable glass containers. 

Have a history of killing even the heartiest of plants? Never made a salve in your life? Not to worry, these kits come with two informational posters that list out everything you need to know to grow your herbs and use them to prepare natural remedies. The kits also include a recipe book and log books to track your gardens growth and the remedies you make! 

The concept, brand, and packaging were developed as part of my final semester project for my undergraduate program. Our objective for the show was to create a company that would disrupt an existing industry. 

This work was featured in the 2015 IdN Color and Graphics Issue as well as the Graphic Design and AIGA Member galleries on Behance. 
The Remedy Kit