ARTM - Website
The new ARTM platform presents the population with a global portrait of mobility in the greater metropolitan area for public consultations on the first strategic development plan for metropolitan public transportation. Indeed, the platform covers several themes, including the modes of transport favored by the citizens of the region, the application of technology for mobility and the facilities conducive to sustainable mobility.

Signed by Locomotive, the website, which aims to be fun and easy to navigate, is organized around 8 sections. Each section is made up of informative texts, graphics and interactive maps allowing the user to give his opinion through surveys.

Project Management — Louise Philipovitch
Creative Direction — Louis Paquet
Art Direction & Motion Design — Louis Paquet
Design — Marie-Christine Dion & Michael Zaccardi
Front-end Development — Stereo & Pier-Luc Cossette
Back-end Development — Stereo

ARTM - Website