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ERP Solution for Green Base Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
ERP Solution for Green Base Systems
The ERP system is developed for Green Base Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. which deals in providing telecom repair services to major vendors in Pakistan. The software automates the workings of the company and improves operations in resource management, workforce management and operation control. 
Login Pages for the system, one showing correct credentials while other showing errors.
Supervisor User Type Screens
Overlay for Supervisor User Type. 
Inventory Module: 
- shows the entire inventory of items, with items due marked in red
- expanded view shows the repaired item, with components used in repairing it.
- Edit inventory is used to correct an  entry with incorrect data
- Add inventory is used to add  single-multiple new items to the system. It also uses bar-code option to enter data through scanner.
Component Module: 
- Shows the entire stock of available, with items below reorder quantity marked in red
- Add Component is used to add a new component to the system
- Update quantity updates the existing components' quantity in the system
- Edit is used to change quantity and re-order level if needed.
- Requested component lists the components requested by the technician, approves request and issues items.

HR Module: 
- Shows all the current and previous employees and their information
- Supervisor also marks the attendance of the current employees on daily basis
- Attendance is locked after 2 days
Technician User Type Screens
Repair Group Module: 
- Shows the assigned items to technician for repair along with due dates
- Shows the previously repaired and irreparable module worked on by the technician.
- Component Request Page, for the technician to request components from the stock for repair purposes.

ERP Solution for Green Base Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

ERP Solution for Green Base Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.