SMLXL specialises in design, construction, fit-out and refurbishment. They were founded in the belief that today’s needs and challenges requires a new, more agile approach to the built environment. They work across a plethora of sectors from workplace, retail, hospitality, healthcare and commercial fit-outs of all shapes, sizes and levels of project complexity.

The world increasingly demands fast, lean and agile – but construction projects typically slow you down, blow out your budget and weigh you down. SMLXL aims to turn that on its head by delivering spaces that make a big impact – with affordable, ultra-fast, detail orientated construction, precisely tailored to the client needs, be they small, medium, Large or Extra-Large. The identity plays on the idea of scale across every touchpoint, both visually and verbally, communicating both the name and their approach to construction.
Multiple Owners
Melissa Baillache