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    Poster Art inspired by the character of the TV series 'Breaking Bad' Mr. white now part of Pop Culture and Art. Enjoy!
On Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
I was wondering why Mr. White picked the name Heisenberg during his interview with gang leader Tuco. After watching the remaining episodes it became more clear. Those who have an engineering background will recall "Heisenberg uncertainty principle" which states that: certain physical properties such as position and momentum can not be known exactly at the same time.
Well same applies here to Mr. White aka Heisenberg and to this flawless show. What i speculate while watching and what really happens during the show never matches. You get flicks while expecting closure and you get intense moments of thinking on characters/story on the verge of a burst. After a while you stop guessing what will happen and drift to the attraction of great acting and unexpected storytelling. The tempo of creating suspension, developing characters and turnovers in story and the repetition of this whole cycle evolves into something quite original, into something I believe that is never done before. imdb
There are a lot to say about for this cleverly made show ... I hope we see more work like this. Imdb