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Valuable for us and all who follow.

Just three hours of sunshine per day are sufficient to satisfy the worldwide demand for energy. As a leading PV power company Sungrow develops and provides clean energy solutions.

Look up to see a bright future.

It does not take a genius to see the sun as the solution to most of our energy challenges. The ability to harvest solar power and deliver it where and when it is needed does exist. We just need to start using it.

Sungrow's cutting edge technology for residential, commercial and large scale energy generation plants utilizes state of the art PV power generation and system integration technologies to harvest and store this abundant energy and thus provide clean power for all. Today, tomorrow and beyond.
Your business: powered by sunshine.

If your roof is presently just keeping the rain out, you may want to find extra uses for it: A roof is a fantastic place for PV panels, your basement is a great place for power storage solutions and every place in between will be happy about the clean power.

Let the sun subsidize your company.

Sungrow's state of the art commercial solutions offers a long lifetime through smart active cooling technology. Smart O&M control makes operating it all simple and its IP66 certification and C5 rating keep everything safe and sound.
Commercial storage systems are available between 10 - 110 KW and offer an incredible DC/AC ratio of up to 1.5. So say 'goodbye' to ever rising energy costs and 'hello' to the clean and very affordable power of the sun.
Scalable solutions for solar farmers.

Solar power generation on an industrial level depends on many factors not least of which is the location of the solar farm. For large scale PV operations, the inverter plays a crucial role to ensure the long-term reliable operation of a PV power plant and expected ROI, thus, it should be specifically designed for local conditions.

Clean power made to fit any size.

Sungrow's integrated container inverter comes with versatile application possibilities and integrated programs to meet the requirements of the grid. Due to its standard design (10 or 20- foot container size) our central inverters are easy to transport and easier to install. An optional Q-function at night reduces costs and stabilizes grids.

An intelligent PV power plant design concept equipped with SVG function, fast response to the reactive power control also includes a wide range of energy storage solutions (60 KW -7,2 MW) for times of low demand. Ease of installation and maintenance as well as low operation and maintenance positively affect the bottom line.
It all started with one solar powered railway signal.

Sungrow was founded by Cao Renxian - a teacher at the Hefei University of Technology. Upon learning of the unsatisfactory state of electrical availability in rural western China he quit his teaching position in 1997, raised 500,000 yuan and founded the Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

An idea whose time had come.

Cao Renxian wanted to improve the availability of electricity and thereby enable a steady economic growth in rural western China. Instead of focusing on economic growth at all costs, he opted for a sustainable growth based on regenerative energy sources.

The first Sungrow client - an engineer in charge of signal power supply for the southern Xinjiang railway - ordered one solar power supply for a signal which amounted to a total company income of 600,000 yuan in 1998. After this first test-order was successfully filled more orders came in and business started picking up. Adding to the success was the fact that solar technology was an idea whose time had come.

Today Sungrow is a 10 billion yuan company. As a key high-tech enterprise in China, Sungrow specializes in R&D, production, sales, and service of new energy power supply devices for solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, new energy automotive drive systems, floating and land-based PV power plants. All with the objective to provide clean power for all. Today, tomorrow and beyond.
Clean power for all is a worthwhile cause.

According to an international study done in more than 40 countries, a noticeable percentage of employees consider their job so utterly useless, that it wouldn't be noticed if that job would just completely disappear. Working at Sungrow is not only useful, it's vital because you're working for something the world craves: Clean power for all.

A just cause with fringe benefits.

If saving our planet is not a big enough cause to get behind, maybe our other benefits will convince you to join us. Benefits like the pragmatic, democratic, open, pleasant, and healthy atmosphere at Sungrow.

Or our 'Sunflower Program', job-based training courses that combine external training, outsourced training, and internal training. Or the opportunity of internal rotation or transfer. With the rapid development and expansion of the Company, development spaces are available - in China or abroad. Solar power is available and needed all over this world.
Our support does not end after you go home to your family in the evening. More than 10 associations offer after-work activities, including basketball, football, badminton, tennis, dance, fitness, and e-sports associations.

And all while you are working for something you believe in: Clean power for all.
Clean power for all.

Whatever your personal opinion on the climate change debate may be, it is obvious that our climate is changing - not for the better. So preserving our natural habitat is not a luxury - it's a necessity. Luckily the solution for this is as simple as it sounds: Clean power to all.

No business as usual.

Simple and logical as renewable energy may seem you probably ask yourself why our whole world isn't using clean power by now? The reason for the slow adaption is not really technical anymore but political. It is the unwillingness of the fossil fuel industry to forgo all those wonderful profits that are so easily made year after year.

So as the world cries out for cheap and clean energy, what would be more obvious than to turn to the sun? Three hours of sunshine every day are sufficient to satisfy the worldwide demand for energy.

Sungrow has been engaged in clean power generation since 1997. Our product solutions and services are helping to produce clean and green energy in more than 60 countries. Our R&D team is composed of international experts committed to providing first-class solutions to our global customer base - and to the globe we all live on.

As a company, we are part of a social and cultural environment. Even, if it has become common practice for corporate entities to subordinate everything to the bottom line, we see the bigger picture. That's why we advocate fair competition, anti-discrimination, and actively promote and aide our employees' professional development.


Looking beyond the bottom line reminds you that every company is part of our environment. That's why we give back to society with a heart of gratitude, actively participate in social welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, donations to schools, earthquake relief, and continuously enhance the professionalism and sustainability of public welfare practices.

That's why Sungrow's PV poverty alleviation program helped over 100,000 poverty-stricken households and 1,200 poor villages across the country, and all 12 campus caring power stations were connected to the grid for power generation.

That's how we work. And that's our way of putting our money where our mouth is when we talk about concepts like integrity, self-discipline, anti-corruption, and fairness.

That's our bottom line.
Sungrow Website DE/EN
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Sungrow Website DE/EN

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