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Opinary - Dashboard Redesign
Opinary: building a user-centered Dashboard for Content creators
Opinary is an engaging opinion tool embedded in online newspapers articles or in clients own websites. 

Behind this tool there are content creators, who have the task to think and design an attractive headline to catch the user's attention. This creation flow happens within a platform called Opinary dashboard

The current dashboard has been designed with no attention to User experience, layering up features on features - becoming extremely complex and cumbersome. 

Here the path of the challenge of building a new interface from scratch. 
From Research, through ideation to development
Step 1: Collecting data - Getting to know the userbase

In order to understand the different uses of the platform, we identified and interviewed internal and external users who had to interface themselves with Opinary dashboard. 
- Questions about daily/weekly routine;
- Questions about achieving tasks through the platform;
- Question about likability and usability of the features of platform. 

After collecting and analysing these data, we could draw a Persona Study and narrowing down the scope of the MVP to start developing the new Opinary Dashboard. 

Step 2 : Planning - User Story Mapping and Product Roadmap
With the support of data, we started mapping down the user journey for the considered initial target group (Content creators). 

The Content Creator User journey story cross-pollinated the development roadmap, as the prioritisation of features for the project stakeholders. 
Step 3: Creativity in motion - Mockups, prototypes, tests
Creativity is not a sudden epiphany, creativity guides you through the steps to achieve your creation goals.
- Sketching (on paper) different ways to achieve the key actions and discussing them with project stakeholders.
- Translating sketches into a low-fi mock-up (Sketch
- Testing the mockup with users (Marvel)
- Reiterating according to user feedback 
- Design of UI, collection of screens (Sketch)
- Prototyping the description of interactions (Marvel) 
Step 4: Design - interface skin and interactions 
From low-fi to high-fi prototypes.
Step 5: Testing with Users
Completed an end-to-end feature on a view, our commitment is to test with real users. Based on the usability and likability of the feature, the team decides if it is the care to re-iterate or not before deployment. 
Opinary - Dashboard Redesign


Opinary - Dashboard Redesign


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