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Dsegh branding

Dsegh Branding

Dsegh is a village on the northern part of Armenia. It is well known village among Armenians because of its many advantages. Here in Dsegh famous Armenian poet Hovhannes Toumanyan was born. Beside this, Dsegh has stunning nature with rich cultural heritage. In recent years traveling, hiking  and camping is getting popular here. 

I want to thank NGO center, as this is the client I worked with during the whole process of this branding. They needed a solid branding with trendy, kind of camp logo (badge), that will represent Dsegh in it's all beauty, attract more potential travelers and tourists who loves camping  etc.

I have started working on the project earlier, before i even got hired, since I was passionate about the project.  
Hope you enjoy!

Dsegh branding