SQUARE. is an online platform where aspiring designers can showcase their best projects💪, grow skills🤖, and receive constructive feedback👋 from peer professionals. Every uploaded work becomes a part of the interface, literally, as it remains floating on the main page. 


The central idea of the project – 'DESIGN IS FREEDOM' – is conveyed through multiple illustrations and patterns across the entire website. We’ve made sure to take the same approach to branding as well. Square’s logo is pretty simple, yet memorable. So is the font. Every other element from the posters to the sticker pack and business cards in the condom packaging (design is all about pleasure, right?) have been purposely not anchored to a particular style. 

Welcome to SQUARE 🤲. A space where there are no rules and no limits.

Thanks to everyone who suffered through the shoot! 
The models, the Geex Arts Team, and the old lady who shooed us away from the forest.

Photography: 100% ART
Photo Producer and Stylist: Anny Ly
Models: Anastasia Vakurova, Lina Tarek, Lenin Misha, Anastasia Starih, 
Vasya Kuklev, Julia Sokolova, Artem Meshcheryakov  


Created by​​​​​​​ Geex Arts

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Feel free to contact us: hello@geex-arts.com

SQUARE Interface game