Blonde Redhead
at Teatro de la Ciudad
Fronted by Japanese singer Kazu Makino, alongside Italian twins Amedo and Simone Pace, Blonde Redhead caught the attention of Sonic Youth early in its career — it brought in the kind of crowds most young bands would die for, but that wasn’t exactly how Makino wanted things to go.
“I hated the attention we were getting,” Makino said in an interview this week. “Every band is like, ‘We should have capitalized on that hype we once had,’ but I wasn’t ready for it. It annoyed me to no end that we were getting attention. People were coming to see us, and I wished nobody would show up at our shows.”
For Makino, music was not a career move but just something she did and something that came easily. She had been in bands since her junior high years but was unprepared for the reality of making music for other people.
“You can’t really control everything; you can’t control your audience,” she said. “But I realized that life isn’t black and white, and that’s when I started accepting and enjoying things that happened spontaneously. Then, once you start enjoying the accidental reaction from people, you want more of it — you want to be surprised; you want to see something you didn’t expect to see. Once you get into that, you want it all the time.”