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I recently wrote and illustrated my own children's book "Waffle's Day at the Beach". It is about a funky silly baby kiwi bird and his first trip to the beach with his mother Maple.  He encounters all sorts of twists and turns throughout the story, educating little ones what to expect at their first trip to the beach. It is illustrated both traditionally (watercolors and graphite) as well as digitally, and the book has a colorfully textured playful style.

I had started this book in my children's book class at SCAD with professor Allen Drummond, and since graduation, I've been struggling with paying the bills and have had no time until now to continue working on it. I am still finishing up coloring the last few pages, and soon the book will be ready for print. I am trying to find out ways to sell it since I am both the author and illustrator. I would eventually like to make greeting cards, stationary, plushies, and other odds and ends using this character asa the popularity of the book reaches a point.  
For the plushies, I am looking for bright blue felt for his feet and legs and a light yellow felt for his beak, as well as a specific fabric sometimes seen on beenie baby dolls used for the rest of his body. It's kind of scruffy and thin-textured, and has the same kind of ranbowy colors as little Waffle. I really think kids would love the goofyness of the character, and want one of their own! I am also looking into doing more books once this one is complete and published with little Waffle and his mother as well as some new characters who he will have many adventures with. After I am finished with the book, what would the next steps be in my goal of getting published? Feedback is much appreciated :)