ABSL Summit - 10th Anniversary

The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) is the leading organization representing the business services sector in Poland.

For the 10th Anniversary of ABSL Summit we were invited to create the opening intro and all animation content for this conference. The participants had a chance to hear an inspiring lecture from the keynote speaker - Bill Clinton - the 42nd president of the USA. 


Design & Animation: Piloci Studio
Client: ABSL
Executive Producer: Event-Factory
Venue: EXPO XXI, Warsaw

Piloci Studio Team:

CEO/ Art Director: Hubert Kaszycki
COO: Edyta Kopytko
Production Director: Bernard Wójcik
Art Director: Patryk Zimończyk 
Head of Motion Graphics: Amadeusz Ferduła
Motion Graphics Artists: Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Tomasz Liszkowski

ABSL Summit - 10th Anniversary

ABSL Summit - 10th Anniversary