University Assignment
Individual anti-bullying campaign for group 1-minute movie
I incorporated illustration into my campaign to create an image portraying the effect words can have, playing with monomatophia.

My illustration originates from a snapshot from the group one minute movie. The hands are a cool, sickly colour - no happiness. The bullet, which symbolizes harmful words,  is coloured red to give a negative idea of danger and pain. The label on it is exaggerated, twisting in a banner-like form in between the framing hands. The purpose of this to bring the attention to the “label” which one gives a person and the effect it could have - which in this case, is suicide. I used the monomatophia, “Bang”, to link the effect with the discriminating words. Giving the idea of the effect rather than simply putting an image of a gun.

I included the popular phrase, “Do you have any last words?”, as a play on words in relation with the topic. It can be understood in 3 different ways:
- Aimed at the victim before suicide
- Aimed at the perpetrator before they discriminate the victim, with the idea that it could be the last push the victim needs before suicide.
- Aimed at the perpetrator with the idea that the victim will strike back.
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