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Chess Icon Design — 2019
Playing chess is not easy. But design can help us!
The goal of this project is to improve the design of chess icons for using in game apps in order to make the gaming experience more user-friendly and simple. The starting point was the chess symbols in Arial Unicode MS, the most widely used for these applications.
The chess glyphs in Arial Unicode MS
Their visual design it's a classic, but it needs a refresh.
So the new icon design has opted for clean and minimal lines respecting humanity and the typical warmth of wooden chess.
The restyling process has taken care of each character - piece by piece -, taking into account the perceptive values such as: readability in small dimensions, good visibility on light and dark background, respect for the dimensions in the square boxes, aesthetic harmonization with the intrinsic geometry of the chessboard.
In a game of chess the player needs a lot of concentration: for this reason the new design comes to meet this need by simplifying the recognition of the pieces during the game experience.

When design meets function it's always checkmate!
That's the truth.

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designed by Silvia Amadei​​​​​​​
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Chess Icon Design — 2019