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Havaianas Branded Content

havaianas branded content
this is a worldwide campaign directed to markets/countries where havaiana's history and benefits aren't very known among customers. the challenge was to communicate the brand's  functional benefits - especially comfort - and facts in a colorful and fun way.

the inspiration came from street posters, which are so common in big cities. typically artistic, provide a simple message and are usually plastered side by side in different visual compositions in public locations. so, this is a modular campaign where these posters complement each other. in addition, there are animated versions which can be used on different platforms.

client: havaianas
agency: almapbbdo
cd: marcus sulzbacher
art direction: johann vernizzi, giulia bianchi, antonio neto, wherlon silva
illustration/types: giulia bianchi, johann vernizzi
cw: fernando andreazi
motion graphics: francisco andrade, KOI

Havaianas Branded Content