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  • Implementing a Comprehensive Branding Initiative
    Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. (SPS)

    Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. wanted to be seen as an experienced resource for the DoD and as a highly qualified subcontractor for other companies pursuing business with the defense department. Sage Communications responded with an approach that would help SPS define its value proposition and core messages, establish a strong visual presence, and develop and implement a comprehensive Communications Plan.


    Systems Products and Solutions, Inc. (SPS) needed a full-service marketing communications agency to help them strategize and implement a comprehensive branding initiative. Sage Communications responded with a step-by-step approach that helped SPS define its value proposition and core messages, establish a strong visual presence, then develop and implement a comprehensive Communications Plan.


    SPS wanted to position itself as a highly experienced resource for prime Department of Defense (DoD) contracts and as a qualified and reliable subcontractor, in order to expand both its customer base and partner relationships.

    Our Process:

    Sage began conducting a customized Message Workshop with the SPS management team, using a number of exercises to uncover the brand message from an internal perspective. While we analyzed the important takeaways from our messaging session, we also conducted eight customer interviews simultaneously, to determine what the brand message was from outside the company. Combining the findings from the message workshop with the customer interviews allowed us to capture the current state of the SPS brand through the eyes of both the internal stakeholders and external customers. The findings report became the strategy document that served as the foundation for messages used in advertising, marketing collateral, proposals, the corporate website, the company tagline, and new business development presentations.

    After bringing the internal and external perspectives of SPS together to form a cohesive brand, Sage began working on a new visual brand identity for the company, starting with the SPS logo. Our research showed that the SPS initials and corporate color still held a strong position in the marketplace, but not the full company name. As a result of this information, we eliminated the company name from the SPS logo and replaced it with the newly developed tagline during the redesign process.

    Sage then used the new logo as a starting point to develop a corporate stationary system and other marketing collateral that would serve as the foundation for the Brand Guidelines Manual. The Brand Guidelines Manual provides formal guidelines for maintaining the brand integrity of all visual and written communications materials to both SPS staff and external contractors for all future communications.

    Once all of the written and visual brand elements were in place, Sage began to implement the new brand across all SPS communications materials, including a comprehensive redevelopment of the SPS website.


    Sage created consistent messaging and a new brand identity for the company that helped SPS executives deliver a consistent message to all contacts.

    Sage also created a new brand look and feel that would resonate with internal and external audiences, and implemented the new brand on all marketing and communications materials, including business cards, presentations, stationary, etc.

    In addition, SPS reports that its new website - has been well received, and the company is very happy with how well the redesign reflects the companys mission.

    Today, Sage continues to implement the tactical recommendations that were originally outlined as part of this project. Our next focus will be to develop SPS brand guidelines to ensure that the companys future marketing and communications materials will remain consistent with the approved brand standards.