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    Whisky branding inspired by 1900s mountaineering and the Cairngorm mountains.
This year we were challenged by Glasgow design agency Good Creative to create a new brand of whisky coming out of Speyside, Scotland. We had to spend a few weeks researching the area to find a story or legend that we could use as the base of our whisky's history.
I focused on the Cairngorm mountains and in doing so found the legend of the Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui. My whisky takes inspiration from this legend and also the mountaineers of the early 1900s. Using a bold contemporary typeface alongside imagery of that era I was hoping to target a wealthier, European market.
Good Creative had a summer placement up for grabs for two students lucky enough to produce the best design and presentations. I am happy to say I was one of those students.
Bottle Design
The bottle design uses a clear class so you can see the liquid inside. The image on the inside of the bottle is magnified due to the liquid and relates to the legend of the Big Grey Man and how images are distorted and appear not as they are. The bottle shape, along with the frosted glass on the top and bottom, mimics the peaks and summits of the mountain range.
Box Design
The boxes use a duo-tone image from the 1900s of mountaineers climbing to the summit. This is where the contrast between the older imagery and the contemporary typeface become more prominent. The designs were kept relatively simple with embossing on all the logos and the numbering and flashes of spot varnish on the coloured areas. The front of the box has information about the year and the distillery and the back has the history of Cùra and the taste profile.
Advertising Campaign
The advertising campaign would tarket a European market. I have used strong quotes that I felt could relate to both the brand and the mountaineers of the 1900s. Some of the adverts target a specific market, in this case, skiers.
I then looked at how I could make this work as pop-up banners and a website. These were all produced late on to have more materials to show at my presentation and to show the amount of work I could get through in a certain amount of time.