3D Projections using Maya for TV commercials

Here is a collection of various PROJECTED matte paintings that I have created for TV commercials. Matte Paintings created in Photoshop and 3D in Maya.

This QT shows the simple 3D objects and set up in Maya that I've used. All matte paintings are mapped as INCANDESCENT textures. The matte is projected through one camera whilst another is used for the animation.

This shot was reversed later in the production to a pull-out.

Here is an early version of the above shot.
This is the Viaduct PROJECTION layer at 4k resolution.

Here is the basic Viaduct 3D model I built in Maya without the projected matte/texture. As long as the animated camera looks within the cone of vision of the projection camera, you can get away with a decent camera move.

The projection technique usually works well with subtle or simple camera moves.

Celcom TV commercial for Luscious International

Here is another example of several projected mattes onto 3D geometry.

Celcom TV commercial for Luscious International