The Icon of Our Lady of Consolation Church is a nine-dome(in honor of nine ranks of angels) multifunctional three-level Spiritual Center, the vault of which is formed in the interior by the symbol of the Sun, the throne-place, which outlines the sacred space of God’s constant presence and grace. The structure of the Temple is based on the Orthodox Christian canons and contains all the necessary ritual, reclamation and other necessary auxiliary and technical premises, defined by the task and current regulations.
The Temple provides the possibility of round-the-clock prayer and catechetical instruction for parishioners, as well as passage of pilgrims and tourists through a separate transit gateway - a panoramic viewing bridge connecting the bell tower to the autonomous stairs of the house of God itself, as well as the bypass galleries of the Temple.
The nine-story exterior of the projected Cathedral, with its three-dimensional solution, is a modern prototype of the original rock-solid Christian temples of Tauria, Athos, Syria, Cappadocia, or the Caucasus, pointing to ancient centuries-old Ukrainian, Ukrainian, and Ukrainian history. Contains modern technological imitation of traditional Ukrainian building materials, such as wooden gont, white lime plaster, relief stone and more. The Ukrainian ethno-ornamental art of Easter eggs and its color is reflected in the arrangement of stained glass framing of panoramic windows, fences and openings.
Above the main portal entrance to the Cathedral is a bas-relief reproduction of a copy of the icon of the Virgin Mary the Apostle from Athos, who by all her majesty invites prayerful humility and Christian obedience, a sincere prayer meeting with the Creator.