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adidas. Cold is your best coach | Winter Campaign
adidas winter

Award: Clio Sport Silver 2017
"Cold is your best coach"
Integrated Campaign, TBWA \ Moscow 2017


The background
Producing x-country skiing gear adidas has a lot of expertise in x-country skiing. 
The brief
Adidas is to become the ultimate winter sport brand.
Our main aim was to build in the x-country skiing into Moscow hype life — to make this sport extremely fashionable.
We splited the campaign into two stages: anticipating the cold&snow and training.
The solution
To promote x-country skiing, to make it as cool and popular as running in summer. 
We came up with the creative idea: COLD IS YOUR BEST COACH and #MOVEORFREEZE.
The Anticipating Stage

We launched the digital hub for the project where we accumulated all the necessary information about x-country skiing: from info for the beginners to the schedule of the most significant races for experienced sportsmen.

We collaborated with the most hype media to promote the new fashion. 

We proposed that THE COLD SHOULD CHALLENGE MOSCOW ITSELF and elaborated an non-standart installation.
The campaign hash tag sould appear when it was snowing.

Training Stage. adidas SKIBASE
When it started to snow we launched adidas skibase in Meschersky park -
the real place to change one's opinion about the winter sport.
The place to train hard and to have fun. 
We searched for the most devoted trainers to help people enjoy x-country skiing
so on the skibase one can start their regular trainings. 

But also every weekend we held cool parties their, including all the significant holidays.
We invited special guests such as popular Dj, art people, places and brands. 


To involve more people into the campaign we offered to run a pop-up ski base —
a mobile training hub moving between the most popular Moscow parks. 

SKIBASE decoration

We offered the unique winter decor for each event on SKI BASE.
Such as white color ski-christmas tree and other decoration with our claim and ski theme.

The Climax Event

to selebrate the winter ending we held the X-Battle race - the race of HOT and COOL teams; from the COLD to the FIRE. 


Agency: TBWA Russia
Client: Adidas
Creative Director: Maxim Kolyshev 
Senior Art Director: Natasha Bystrova
Senior Art Director: Tisha Golubeva
Senior Copywriters: Julia komolikova, Alexandra Vasilieva
Copywriter: Alexandra Samsonova
Motion Designer: Ilya Kleynosov
Designers: Polina Krasnova, Leonid Galkin, Oleg Grishin, Maxim Maxutov
adidas. Cold is your best coach | Winter Campaign
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Multiple Owners
Maxim Kolyshev

adidas. Cold is your best coach | Winter Campaign


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