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    Give Your Calories
Eat it, feel good. Give it, feel better.
If you've ever gotten shamed for taking iPhone photos of your meals, you now have a legitimate reason to take a snap of your food: it could be a small step toward alleviating world hunger.
That's because if you take a photo of your food with the Give Your Calories app (free for iOS), the app converts the caloric value of a food item into dollar values that can be donated to international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger.
Action Against Hunger's field professionals work to help severely undernourished children around the world.
This Give Your Calories app uses image recognition technology to figure out what you're eating in the photo or you can scan a food product's barcode. Once it does the calorie calculations, you can donate money via PayPal.
Fewer than 200 calories: $1
200 to 300 calories: $2
300 to 400 calories: $5
Every additional 100 calories: Extra $1
Basically, this app takes a little guilt out of that guilty-pleasure jelly doughnut, by motivating you to offset it through a donation. With the app, you can also share what you're contributing on social networks, as well as see how much others around the world are donating.
Give Your Calories was developed by Belgian communications agency Happiness Brussels.
“It’s an innovative concept in that it aims to address both ‘over-nutrition’ and ‘undernutrition’ at the same time, empowering individuals to help restore balance to a world where access to food is anything but balanced,” agency CEO Karen Corrigan said in a news release.
So the next time your co-workers scrutinize you for snapping a shot of your hamburger at lunchtime, whip out this app, make a donation, and tell them you're actually counting calories for a good cause.
Agency: Happiness-Brussels
Executive Creative Management: Karen Corrigan - Dominique van Doormaal
Creative Director: Dominique van Doormaal
Concept Providers: Cecilia Azcarate - Ross Mc Currach - Arnaud Bailly
Graphic Design: DanielNino - Jeremy Vandenbosch
Content & Strategic Planner: Joris Joosten
Digital Strategy Manager: Maarten Breda
Offline Producer: Bart Vande Maele
Online Producer: Stijn Van Velthoven
Film Director & Photography: Bob Jeusette
Interactive: Bliss Interactive