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    A microsite to show how the new LG smartphones can be used for random acts of kindness.

Client: LG Mobile USA
Product: LG Optimus, LG Vortex
Agency: Publicis Modem
Creative Director: Marcus Park
Art Director: Chris Carmichael
Copywriter: Chelsea Tucker
Developer: Andre Gustavo Cordozo, Hilmer Hall, Chris Carmichael

LG's new smartphones offer something new. The chance to use all the fabulous new Android applications for good. You can give people directions, help them find a parking spot, stream pictures live to their Facebook accounts, you name it, you can do it. We set teams loose on the streets to help unsuspecting people do simple things and hopefully put a smile on their faces. We also encouraged our audience to Tweet the little things they did for others with their phones. And, in the new year, we will be giving away phones to charity and seeing how they use them to make a difference.