participated at the Architectural Competition of Ideas for the project “HeraklionX4”

// Architectural study: 
office25 architects > Design team: Antonis Perpatidis, Thanasis Chrysomallis, Manolis Vourakis, Katerina Rapti, Ariadni Parisi, Vasilis Vavougyios, Elena Papageorgiou, Eleni Theodoridou
ArchiTeam > Design team: Andronikos Vandoros, Christianna Tsigkou, Marianna Chrapana
The concept of this proposal is to create a characteristic public space that is pleasant to the residents and the visitors of the area. The aim is to promote the local character and social dimension of the area via a network of sites that accommodate various activities.

The proposal is based on the main idea of transforming a space without needing any drastic or special intervention. The transformation takes place by highlighting the area with color, fragrances and vegetation. This tactic can easily adapt to any given situation.
In this particular instance, it adapts to the liveliness, color and extroversion of the Cretan traditional architecture.
The global action 'Let's Color Project' encourages us to paint the buildings, the streets and the urban infrastructure with color.
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