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    This is how most of banner advertising works.
Taloussanomat.fi is a online business journal with a special perspective for everyday life. It attracts lots of 
visitors with lot of purchasing power. Still it was facing a problem. It wasn’t attractive enough for the 
advertisers and most advertisers and media agencies didn’t even consider it as an option.
Taloussanomat.fi was facing a do or die situation. Something needed to  be done.

People at Taloussanomat.fi knew that normal banner advertising was broken. With low CTRs and unrelevant content that just disturbs people, thet wanted to challenge themselves and advetisers. And at the same time position themselves as a totally different media with different possibilities. The challenge was to communicate this in a interesting way and invite people to challenge Taloussanomat.fi

We created a video showing how irritating banners actually are. We recruited a person to be a human banner for one day. We documented the whole thing, demonstrating the lack of interest that people have for irrelevant and disturbing advertising. This video wasspread to the media agencies and advertisers all around Finland.

The campaign created lot of interest towards Taloussanomat.fi among media agencies and advertisers. 
The sales went up 26% during the campaign.