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There’s always something going on in Moscow. Only city’s coat of arms stays unalterable. It has four elements: a cavalryman, a horse, a spear and a basilisk. All of them can be redefined and merged into an image of slaying with the spear. Unique stories were created by 33 Russian artists who spoke to create a contemporary coat of arms of Moscow

Concept Misha Petrick
Producer Nadya Petrick
Sound Daruma Audio 
Typography ESH gruppa
— Kulik dog as one of the symbols of Perestroyka —
design and animation by​​​​​​​ Valery Zarytovsky
— Do we actually need such victories? —
design by Anton Gudim 
animation by Vladimir Orlov
— “Rubber Moscow” could fit everyone —
design and animation by Superdesigners
— How much is your outfit? —
design by Anna Cattish
animation by RevengeMeow
— Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin is retrofitting city housing —
design by Seva MFN 
animation by Ilya Buzinov
— Metamodern warrior on his immaculate steed —
design and animation by Alex Gorin
— Moscow is controversial: it’s both magnificent and gross —
design and animation by Qshau
— Lil pop - хххри$та ₽ади— 
design and animation by Agent Ksyushanski
— Competition is an engine for progress and a source for new memes —
design and animation by Superdesigners
— Blistering and mind-blowing energy of the megapolis,
ruled by the yellow devil —
design and animation by Varvara Vyvique
— Is it OK if there will be no description? —
design by Ilya Kazakov
animation by Vladimir Orlov
— ❤️❤️❤️❤️ —
design and animation by Anton Shavkero