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    Life is still good. All Things Bright and Beautiful; Group Show at Flower Pepper
For a group show at Flower Pepper, All Things Bright and Beautiful.
Untitle, 2013
Mixed Media: Polymer Clay, Fabric, Fabric Dye, Wire, Polyester, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Epoxy

Although we face all kinds of hardships, there are still good reasons we can enjoy our life.
Unlike other animal series I did before, I decided not to make prosthetic limbs for these little tarsiers. Actually, some people did not notice two tarsiers are missing their limbs - which made me feel satisfaction, I had to confess. Together, these tarsiers are perfect and happy.

People asked me how many hours did I spend on this.
It was approximately 180 - 200 hours to build, and it dose not count time of planning and sketching.
Each hands took me 7hours to finish it..
Sculpting head took me at least 6hours per each, then another hours and hours to sand and paint it.
Making armature and sewing all patterns for body took me 40 hours, then dyed it another hours.

It was long time for me, but I loved it. :) Please enjoy this work!
Life is still good. :)