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HOUSE IN TRIER (Corona Making Of)

House in Trier

I worked on this project since March 2018 and I was finishing this so long, that I am a bit tired of this project, so I decided to publish it incompleted - I made also visualisations of bathrooms, hall and bedrooms, but I am dissatisfied with the results.

House was projected by 
Biuro projektowe maxberg - architekt Karol Nieradka

Interiors was also designed by maxberg, but for my portfolio, I changed some things a bit to fit my personal taste. Also I added detail shot of sliding window.

This work contains some stuff from Vizpeople, Evermotion, BBB3viz and 3dsky.

Making Of
Below you can find some more specifics about how exactly these pictures was done.

For exterior shot, I used texture of the sky linked to CoronaLightMtl
For kitchen and living room shots I used HDRI from 3DCollective
And for the detail shot I used HDRI from BBB3viz Small Apartment Scene

For all shots I choosed Physical Camera. There is nothing complicated - the only thing which is worth to mention is that I checked Enable Depth Of Field button.
In the scene most shaders are quite simple, but there are more complicated too.

Pillows canvas and window frame shaders.
Window brush shader. I made simple box which is bended above metal rail. Then I found on google picture of brush and using curves and levels made opacity and bump maps.
Dirty plastics used in sliding window was the most complicated shaders - below you can find one of them - it is Layered Material with plastic shader as a base and dust shader as another layer.
Interior shots are almost "straight out of the box", needed little contrast/brightning corrections
Exterior shot have full postproduction, including LUTs, Contrast, Exposure, CameraRaw corrections.
Thank you for watching!
HOUSE IN TRIER (Corona Making Of)

HOUSE IN TRIER (Corona Making Of)

Visualizations of House in Trier, designed by Biuro projektowe maxberg - architekt Karol Nieradka