This piece is an exploration of life, death, and the wonder of the unknown. There cannot be life without death. Decaying matter and the forms of death are beautifully fascinating. The crumbled flowers have been drained of life; their once lively blossoms are now shriveled and dried. Their crinkled forms hold the nutrients the earth yearns for in order to create new life. Had these little flowers been left outside, their lifeless bodies would have been engulfed by the earth, eaten and then left to become one with the earth, essentially creating new life. Their shadows are left behind on the surface of the universe. This lack of light- this absence- now births new opportunity and awe into our existence. The background of this piece is inspired by the cosmic universe; forms true to the mystery of an endless force. The background also reflects the forms of mold here on earth, a crucial component to both life and death. The relationships between the forms of this piece investigate the magic and marvel of the known and unknown within life, time, and space.