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    Devolution from human to sea forms
Evolution has propelled the world of the past into the world we know today. I chose to use evolution as the main theme of this piece because I see evolution as one of the biggest relations living creatures have with nature. It is evolution that will keep humans,or at least a remnant of humans, alive for many more centuries to come . The sea theme in this piece represents the bewitching quality the sea possesses, its mysterious charm, and curious creatures. As vast as the sea is there is one thing that keeps life thriving in the depths of the sea- a little creature known as plankton. In this piece Plankton linger on a sea of aqueous water colors, their intricate and peculiar forms squirm across the paper. The figure in this piece slowly evolves into a creature of the sea- maybe not evolves but rather devolves.  Neighboring this figure is a Needle Nosed Gar, which is said to be an ancient fish or a living fossil. In this piece I explore the relation between this ancient fish and the modern form of a human, the evolving nature of living organisms, and the uncertainty the future may bring.
Lingering on the Curious Tides of Tomorrow
Charcoal on watercolor
22"x 30"
March 2010