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    Male and female human forms dissolve as one
This project began as a study of man and the relation to the body and form; man and what it is he is composed of. The background of this piece is a skin cell at the microscopic level. This form is both beautiful and curious. Bits of floating matter consume the background and appear to add movement. Two figures stand before the cell, these figures somewhat dissolving into one another. It is skin that is the human shell, the skin that contains our human matter and creates our physical form. This piece depicts both male and female human forms connecting at a universal level, both liquefying from two forms into one. Man not only relates to his own body in this piece but also with the universe. What does it mean to be human? Much like the chemical world, the human world is in a constant state of flux. Never does one thing just stop; never does one thing just stay still.  The world changes and recreates itself constantly, perhaps much like the dissolving forms of the human body.
Solve et Coagula