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bauhaus × Fresco
bauhaus × Fresco
Celebrating 100 years of bauhaus school of design with some sketches of its teachers done with the raster based brushes in Adobe Fresco.
I traced one of the drawings layer by layer in Illustrator, prepared separations and had it printed on a risography machine.
Josef Albers
Anni Albers
Oskar Schlemmer
Gunta Stölzl
Gertrud Arndt
Joost Schmidt
László Moholy-Nagy
Risoprint of Moholy-Nagy
Marcel Breuer
Walter Gropius
Making of Gropius (replay generated by Fresco – the black rectangle hides the reference photo).

Marianne Brandt
Lyonel Feininger
Herbert Bayer
Gret Palucca
Thanks for watching!
bauhaus × Fresco
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Monika Gause