Women’s Jeans can Modify the Looks
It’s been always women’s pride to look beautiful but we transform your look into fabulous look. Women have so much varieties in clothing to pick anything to wear for the party like dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo, kaftans, jeans, trousers, tops, maxis, play suits, dungarees and many more but one of the most essential items for anyone’s closet is a pair of good jeans. Why spending too much money on buying new clothes when you can twirl your whole look with just a simple, perfect, comfortable pair of jeans. Girls once you start seeing and wearing womens jeans & denim it’s hard to stop.

Woman’s closet is always full of apparels with different styles and colours and they do their styling differently to look amazing. Denim is the most common fabric used in womens jeans. However, most of the people have pair of jeans they love. These jeans usually fit perfectly and make the wearer feel like a million bucks every time they put them on. But if anyone have not that pair of jeans it means they have been choosing wrong size of jeans for their body type. There are lots of easy ways to look great in jeans and if you follow through, here are some guidelines how to modify your look.

“I can mix and match a cute shirt with some skinny jeans under a leather jacket and it looks fun and unique.” _ Miley Cyrus.

Boot cut:

Boot cut jeans are the most flattering style of jeans. This boot cut jeans look perfect and beautiful on almost every body type. Boot cut jeans are usually fitted through the thigh, with a slight flare at the bottom. Boot cut jeans show off your curves, but yet at the same time it balance out your thighs. Tuck a loose blouse into your boot cut jeans and add a belt to give the outfit some edge.

Skinny jeans:

If a woman is more at the petite size, she must go for skinny jeans instead of boot cut jeans. Skinny jeans will make your behind look bigger, as compare to the size of your legs. Skinny jeans are not just for the skinny people, it can be worn by anyone, as long as they are styled correctly.  Skinny jeans because of its stretchy fabric gives a little room to move and breathe. Wear skinny jeans with tops that are above the widest portion of your hips. Wear your skinny jeans into knee-high boots, or wear them with ballet flats during warmer weather.

Stretchy material:

Jeans fit differently depending on the fabric material, that is used. Best jeans for women are those which are made of more stretchy fabric to give more eccentric look yet comfortable fitting. Jeans which are blended with lycra, elastane, polyurethane and spandex gives the most perfect denim. The stretch of the denim jeans helps your thighs and bottom to look higher and tighter.

Correct rise:

Jeans come in a variety of different fits, but across the panel, the most flattering rise is the mid-rise jeans. The jeans that fits a few inches above your pelvic bone, but still underneath your belly button. Whereas, the low-rise jeans put pressure on your stomach, which causes your fat to bunch up above your waistline. High-rise pairs pay more attention to the stomach. A contour waistband keeps the jeans, to create a gap between your back and the waistband, it makes it more flexible.

Strategic fade:

Denim jeans comes in many different colors and faded jeans whereas, faded jeans come in fashion and goes out of fashion. Jeans which has a slight fade in the center of the leg, this fade will make your legs look longer and leaner. Avoid jeans with fading on thighs or behind, they are only problem areas. 

Dark Colour of jeans:

Everyone is well aware of the fact, that wearing black makes one’s appearance slimmer, however same goes for dark wash jeans. The darker the jeans, the longer and leaner your lower body will look. If you find a dark wash that flatters your body, buy a couple pairs in different cuts.

Correct size:

Jean sizes vary from store to store however some stores use vanity sizing, others don't whereas, Wholesale trousers UK and Jean sizes are depending on the fabric material. Denim jeans with more elastic fabric, would be more flexible and comfier. Whenever shopping for jeans, make sure to try on multiple sizes before committing. If anyone is experiencing bagginess, bunching, gapping, wrinkles or puckering, these are the ultimate signs that your jeans do not fit correctly.

Use back pockets:

Back pockets in jeans are the most useful and secret weapons that can be used to make your behind look fuller or leaner, it all depends on personal preferences and body type. If someone wants their bottom look smaller, avoid back pockets with a flap and details like buttons, studs or embroidery. Jeans with oversized pockets, will make your butt look small. If you want to make your backside look larger, seek out jeans with lots of embellishments on the back pockets.

In recent years it has been observed that the jeans have benefited the influencers like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner by embracing their style in casual looks. Jeans are one of the apparels which can be worn for any event and even for casual looking. Click here to get amazing pair of jeans to knock out your look for any going. Jeans are a timeless edition which can never be out of fashion.
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