This is a project that's currently in progress. I wanted a project that showcases the creativity and imagination of a kid. It fascinates me. So I've gone into a school and got the kids ranging from 7-11 to creative their own superhero from scatch and tell me about them. I've then turned their creation into a reality in the studio and post production. It's just a bit of fun really. Lots more to come.
BLUE GEL - ' She can change the colour of her skin and is a goody'
EARTH - ' Her powers are that she controls all the earth's elements, she a goody.'
FERN - 'He's a baddy. He taught himself to be really good with sword and they're his favourite weapons'
MICRO MANIC - 'He's a midget and a baddy. He shoots lightning from his hands'
SIZEARAMA - ' His powers are to change size whenever he wants and talks to animals. A radioactive meteorite crashed and he got his powers there, he has a pet dragon called jimmy who came out of the meteorite'
VAMP VICTORIA - 'She's a vampire and can control the weather'