2019 RED Moon Festival Gift Box Design

2019 RED Moon Festival Gift Box Design

TIME:2019.7 - 8

01 Key Vision | 主视觉设计

RED takes "better moon, better life" as the theme of this year's Moon Festival gift box to make the wish that the light of each of us can come together, light up each other and also light up RED. 
In order to better conform to the reunion of Moon Festival, and to reflect the characteristics of RED, the main visual basic graphics (circular and rounded rectangles) are extracted from the iconic visual element "tag" in the RED community. 


“Better moon, better life” symbolizes a better trend. It is the reunion of the Moon Festival, and it is increasingly looking forward to becoming a better person. In order to more accurately fit the theme of “Better moon, better life”, we also do deconstruction and reorganization on the graphics, and use the basic graphics to transform and stretch to express the diffusion and trend in the theme.


The font design is also extended with round and rounded rectangles to create a rounded look that matches the graphic elements. 
The color is mainly based on the color of RED, and the auxiliary color tries to be more vivid and diverse to give the Moon Festival gift box a younger visual imagination.


02 Details|细节和延展

"Lighting up" means letting light become a language. In the process of diffusion, communication, communication, and convergence, it carries the blessings and wishes of "better moon, better life."In order to match the theme, the gift of the Mid-Autumn Gift Box of RED is chosen to be the moon lantern. On the full moon night, the moon lantern is lit, we hope your beautiful life will be lighted too.


Structure of the Moon Festival Gift Box ​​​​​​​中秋礼盒礼品结构
△ We designed the opening on the front of the gift box and printed a smiley face and tag graphics to create a better interaction with the interior moon lantern.

The design of the inner box follows the design logic of the main vision, follows the concept of golden section, divides the block surface on the box surface, and designs the corresponding color and graphic elements for different tastes.


△ The entire gift box is also made of TPU transparent bag as the outer packaging.

03 Bonus|彩蛋

In the gift box, we also prepared a scratch card as a bonus gift: 
If you scrape the word "surprise" on the scratch card, you will get a random RED CLUB plush doll.

如果在刮刮卡上刮出「惊喜」字样,恭喜你将随机get RED CLUB毛绒公仔一个。

RED CLUB is a new gathering of Captain. During the Moon Festival, we will spend the time with the people we are closest to. 
Captain will go to eat moon cakes with the friends of RED CLUB~​​​​​​​

RED CLUB是薯队长新集结的盆友们,中秋的时候当然也要和自己最亲近的人一起度过,队长就去和RED CLUB的小伙伴们一起吃月饼啦~

Key Vision 主视觉设计:鱼会
Graphic Vision Extension 视觉延展:K. / 等等
Photography 摄影:RED Studio

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2019 RED Moon Festival Gift Box Design

2019 RED Moon Festival Gift Box Design

2019 RED Moon Festival Gift Box Design