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2019_08 Tasting Beer
Tasting Beer
About the process and tasting of beer
Street H_2019.8_Vol.123

Beer has been with mankind since the beginning of civilization. It is no exaggeration to say that beer can be seen in that era. As a part of life, methods of making beer have been developed according to the place and the times. And now, there are many kinds of beer to choose according to taste. The posters included everything from the beer manufacturing process to the types and characteristics of the beer, how to drink it, and the foods that go with it.

문명의 시작부터 인류와 함께 해온 맥주. 맥주를 보면 시대상이 보인다고 해도 과언이 아니다. 생활의 한 부분으로써 장소, 시대에 따라 맥주 공법들이 발달해왔으며 현재는 기호에 따라 선택할 수 있는 맥주의 종류들이 매우 다양하다. 맥주의 제조공정부터 맥주의 종류와 특성, 마시는 법, 어울리는 음식까지 맥주의 모든 것을 포스터에 담았다.
Sung-Hwan Jang
Current 203 X Design Studio CEO | He worked as an editorial designer in <Reader's Digest>, 'Yonhap News' Graphic News Team, <Weekly Dong-a>, <Science Dong-a> and established the 203 X Design Studio in 2003 in front of Hongik University. Since then, he has been publishing a neighborhood magazine <Street H>, which records the events around Hongik University in 2009, He founded the Infographic Lab 203 in 2012 and hosted the Infographic Group Exhibition at YOON DesignLab Gallery.

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종이: 랑데뷰 130g(500 X 700mm)
2019_08 Tasting Beer