Ode: On Power of Voice

Try saying your name out loud. How did it feel? Did it feel weird? If so, why?

Voice is the most primal of all instruments. We play the first note on it literally in the first second of our lives, and from that moment on, it accompanies us every step of the way until the very end.
ODE talks about finding your true voice, that which we were given at birth, but which gets muted and distorted through the course of our lives.

Rediscovering your authentic voice requires not only working on the body, but also — or even more so — going on a long, meandrous and often tumultuous journey through your mind.
We are made of sounds.

We are music.

Quantum physicists are already proving it. They give detailed frequencies of sounds our atoms produce. If we look at ourselves that way, we are music in our entirety.

Each atom produces its own distinctive sound. Parts of the atom also make their own sounds. Suddenly there is a whole symphony that makes us.

We are perfect sounds.

— Olga Szwajgier
Teacher at the Higher School of Theatre in Krakow and the Internationale Akademie für Neue Music in Schwaz in Austria
ODE is a love letter to the voice and its undeniable, inseparable connection to our perception of self.

It’s also about its transformative power – in shaping our own image of ourselves, as well as reshaping our surroundings.

The magazine is divided into 2 parts: the former about voice coaching and the second on freestyle hip-hop. I wanted to reconcile these two very different subjects and find a common thread, which is the appreciation and focus on one's voice as a vehicle for personal expression and influence.
Throughout the magazine, I've used my own photographs I've taken on Jarek's workshops and during my recent trip to San Francisco.
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A student project as part of Editorial Design class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
ODE: On Power of Voice

ODE: On Power of Voice

Design, art direction and photography for a magazine about the power of voice