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    Having developed a zeal for ministries and organizations that focus on human rights and overcoming poverty in developing nations, I am passionate… Read More
    Having developed a zeal for ministries and organizations that focus on human rights and overcoming poverty in developing nations, I am passionate about using my design for such causes. As a result, I focused on creating a final body of work for my Senior Art Exhibition that showcased by enthusiasm for justice. For the summation of my portfolio, I chose to rebrand a nonprofit organization. In approaching this problem, I decided to take a new angle on nonprofit work by focusing primarily on the current supporters of the organization itself rather than promoting the ministry. All of the pieces I have created establish a cohesive style for the ministry and solidified its mission. Ultimately, this work has helped me solve design challenges in the field that I desire to pursue. Photography by David Uttley Read Less

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Charity Ball Event

I created a Charity Ball event and the materials that would go with it. My goal was to re-purpose materials as much as possible, so I created an 18 x 24 inch poster that folds into a folder that holds the rest of the information for the event. This not only adds functionality, but it gets supporters engaged in helping promote the event when they hang the poster in their community. Additionally, I created a hands on experience with a 3-dimensional donation box for supporters to assemble and set out to collect coins as a reminder of the upcoming event.

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Training Kit

In researching organizations, it came to my attention that many ministries lack adequate training for volunteers. I created a multifunctional training kit to be given to field volunteers. The kit contains useful products for the field as well as a field manual. Additionally, the box folds open to be a poster in the native language of the country the volunteers are in. This cuts the organization's shipping costs down when their volunteers take the posters over and hang them up directly in the communities they are working in.

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Thank You Gift

This piece was created as a gift to send high donors as a thank you for their contribution to Lifewater. Inside, the gift contains items that all use water to help the donor continually remember what their donation is supporting. This keeps them actively engaged in the work of the ministry.

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I created a tangible and concise look at what Lifewater International is doing in countries around the world. This little packet contains two books, one that discuss the crisis that Lifewater is working to address and another that then offers Lifewater's solution to the problem. They utilize infographics to convey factual information in a more inviting way.

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Gallery Presentation

Product photography was combined with the actual print materials and 3-dimensional pieces in the gallery. The hanging method was chosen with the intent of repeating visual ideas from within the work.

Photography by David Uttley