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    Mural for Women on a Mission's Elevation 8,848 Vernissage Event.
Doodleroom was invited by members from Women on a Mission to conceptualise and design the exterior facade of an exhibtion space benefiting women war survivors. The exhibition showcased images from their trek to Mount Everest Base Camp to raise funds for these women who had been ravaged by rape, torture, physical and emotional violence.

Doodleroom opted to hand-draw the walls to give it an organic and spontaneous look, mimicking the protest graffiti that commonly springs up in war torn areas. The colours are stark, black and a dash of red to give it some newsprint immediacy and also to complement the exhibition space. Larger-than-life portraits of the war victims on pillars and walls, coupled with bold statistical figures and simple icons highlight their plight.

The project took 3 days of blood and sweat to finish, but was worth it. The fund raising was a huge success with fantastic turnout, and Doodleroom is proud to be part of this wonderful event.

You can view more pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/WOAMSingapore