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    A range of wallpapers created entirely in Inkscape using a range of different techniques.
Bored with my usual Desktop backgrounds I decided to go about creating some of my own.
Here are a range of desktop backgrounds created entirely in Inkscape using different effects ,shapes, spiro paths , render extensions and colours .
Designed for a widescreen monitor in 1920x1080 resolution.
An 8bit inspired retro skull background
A interesting wallpaper featuring triangulated arrowmen pieces!
A BigBrother esque cog gradient effect wallpaper
Queens head and barcodes!
Flaming Chicken on the run!
3D cubes! 4 different colours with 3 shades
Grungy Cogs
If you are interested in seeing the original SVG's or have any questions into how they were made then drop me message or visit designpuddle.com and/or email me.