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Visual Satiety

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Visual Satiety
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Analogue mood of paper 
Although everything is digitized, the analog mood of paper is getting more attention.
When you see it, can feel the charm of its texture and colors. So it begins

Type : Curious matter
Weight : 270g
Color : Various

We created 3D data first, and made it into 2D flat pattern. 
After checking prototype, made paper model with curious matter paper.  

Eating with our eyes
Visual satiation from SNS.
#banana_haruki   #oldferrydonut   #avec.el

Banana Haruki is a cake shop in Seoul.
This cafe is well known for its colorful fresh cream and layered fruits.

Old ferry donut is well known cafe with donuts in Seoul.
The wooden interior is impressive and donuts with sprinkles is its signature.

Avec el presents seasonal menu every year. 
This place appeals with its sophisticated sense and new menu.

Fountain Studio is a product design studio based on portfolio education.
students are educated and experience in design, making processes, manufacturing, design tools and encourage work with passion.
 Just like Fountain, students in the Fountain Studio study design, and they can melt the different styles they get from the study into their portfolio.

Fountain studio, 55, Donggyo-ro 17-gil, 
Seoul ,Korea
Fountain studio 2019

Visual Satiety

Visual Satiety