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FFM Festival 2016, LA
Visual identity and consulting for Far From Moscow Festival in Los Angeles, 2016.
The festival has been organized by David MacFadyen (UCLA) and Ilya Lagutenko (Mumiy Troll) and took a place in UCLA (University of California Los Angeles).

In December 2016, the FFM Festival brought together the best in East European new wave music, feature films, cuisine, animation, graphic artist, and much more to the heart of global entertainment in Los Angeles. FFM catered to lovers of both techno and tradition over three days of harmony and fashion. Festival is combining music (both classical and modern), cinema, animation, comics, fine dining, technology, and business.

Contemporary music at Festival was represented by Zola Jesus, Mumiy Troll, DZA, Mujuice, Lapti, E. Shilonosova (Glintshake), Anton Maskeliade, Pianoboy (D. Shurov), Shipsea and others. Classical music stage was represented by three essential names from both Russian and Ukrainian classical stages today: Philipp Kopachevsky, Andrey Baranov, Boris Andrianov, Evgeny Tonkha, K17: Boris Allakhverdyan (Clarinet), Alissa Margulis (Violin), and Alexander Bouzlov (Cello).

A team of Russia's finest chefs descended upon a secret Venice Beach location. Anatoly Kazakov (White Rabbit), Sergey Lobachev (CDL Restaurant), Georgy Troyan (2015 Silver Triangle Award  for Russia's Best Chef) were responsible for the food part of FFM Festival 2016.

FFM Festival 2016, LA
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Alexander Nevolin