DAK - The National Aquarium of Denmark
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    The National Aquarium of Denmark
DAK - The National Aquarium of Denmark
Identity concept / 2008 - 2009
Background     /     The National Aquarium of Denmark,(Danmarks Akvarium), will move from being one of the smallest aquariums in Denmark, to a new building by 2013. The new building will effectively make The National Aquarium of Denmark, the biggest aquarium in scandinavia.
This prompted for a new identity, as the old experience will in no way reflect the new experience of The National Aquarium of Denmark.

        As the new National Aquarium of Denmark will be the biggest in scandinavia. It will have a certain international pull. To make the aquarium more international, the name have been expanded to include the abbreviation DAK (but still keeping the danish name: Danmarks Akvarium). Inspired by the New York museums such as The MET, MOMA and so on.
    The key to the DAK experience is the greatest species diversity in all of Denmark. As well as the opportunity to get close to the life under the oceans. This will not change and has been the inspiration for the new identity.