Empreendimentos Imobiliários
When we think about a brand, as a visual identity of a company, we understand that the more
harmonious, simple and balanced is the visual, the bigger is the prägnanz degree, it means that it’ll be noticed and understood easier.
This is one of the characteristics developed for the brand Meia Praia Empreendimentos Imobiliarios.
It’s also necessary to think about the public to who we wish to communicate, so that will be effective at the moment of visual contact.
In general, the public of Class A/A+ looks forward, in terms of living, a total quality of life. Because of that, the builders have been offering different things all the time.
A company, as Meia Praia, which is experienced, traditional, reliable and  has quality products, with high level enterprises (including in front of the sea), already has competitive characteristics in the market in which operates.
Another strength identified is your location. A happy, modern, coastal and full of attractions city with an exuberant landscape, which makes it one of the most desired places to live in Santa Catarina.
Wondering about that, it’s suggested a strong brand, with modern color and shapes, simple and harmonious.
It’s shape reminds the “M” of Meia Praia and works as a label, for a very specified public. It also can be seen as a growth chart (a personal growth acquired by living in a Meia Praia enterprise). At the same time it refers to a seagull, making a connection to the bird that is featured at the Itapema flag, which reminds the concepts of freedom and douche. Also the ultraleve sport (Itapema is considered as the capital of ultraleve)
In addition, the colors are strong and work highlighted. The red and the yellow refer to the sun, wisdom and the beach. But the bluish green makes the material more elegant.
A simple brand, easy to absorb that brings many concepts and meanings to public more sensitive and with a cultural repertory.