one of life's delights
egg in the hole with a slice of ham
bourbon-apple cranberry sauce in the making
hot chocolate with big marshmallows 
persimmons, pears, blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi
a fruit tart
a slice of my fruit tart
champagne with strawberries
a mint kiss
our turkey from thanksgiving
sausage, herb, and caramelized onion stuffing
my plate of stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and candied yams
turkey noodle soup with peas, celery, carrots and onions, served with a piece of sourdough baguette 
more soup
lettuce tossed with orange-sesame dressing, pork pot stickers, and a piece of bread
pork pot sticker dipped in ling-ling sauce
tuna melt on white with banana peppers and swiss cheese
gingerbread cookie with red sprinkles
gingerbread cookie with cinnamon candies and holiday sprinkles
where are my legs! i ate the legs off, but this is a gingerbread cookie with cinnamon candies, frosting, and red sprinkles
Quizzno Roast Beef Sandwich with lays
Pumpkin Pie that Joshua Weefur
Mystery Smoothie my friend made
mild Picante salsa with white corn chips
tea :)
more pumpkin pie

collard greens over rice with shrimp and chicken
sandwich condiments, olives, pickles, tomatoes, and avocado

cheddar cheese, ham, and turkey panini 
my panini dipped in tomato and basil bisque soup
panini, close to its end, with avocado and tomato
curly fries
bacon and eggs smashed between an english muffin
Doritos with beans, cheese, and sour cream
more nachos
birthday cake, buttercream frosting, cream cheese filing, and vanilla cake
scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese and orange peppers
a red delicious 
chocolate chip cookie and shortbread with sprinkles

candy canes
candy cane with chocolate frosting
mango milk bubble tea with jelly
salted nut chocolate cookies