• Pilot’s Path, its beautifully crafted and visually stunning TV Out and AirPlay enabled old school 
    helicopter flying game.

    The search and rescue, gather and trade gameplay guides a player through the story of a former USAF pilot, which, dishonorably discharged after an accident with an expensive military plane, makes his way back to the sky doing missions for criminal underground bosses – the path is nicely rendered and lies through beautiful cut scenes.
  • Creating Pilot’s Path we wanted a game that would really use amazing possibilities the iOS 
    platform gives. It’s too bad, nowadays there are only a very few games using TV Out and AirPlay beyond simple screen mirroring, not fully employing extra screen space in multi-device 
    configurations. To out knowledge, today Pilot’s Path is so far the only game that puts it all 
    together in a right way.
    Our new AD goes live in iPhoneLife magazine.
    Some icons.
    Unique retro design maximized for retina and full HD displays.
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