Riff Cannon: Price
8" x 10.5", Four-Color Print
A piece from early 2009 for local metal band Riff Cannon. Imagery stems from early 1970's horror films with an emphasis on witchcraft and cosmic, otherworldly evil, an influence from with the band draw greatly from. The repetition of the scrawled crosses serve to provide a manic undercurrent to the piece, as well as create a highly textured background layer.

The ghoulish image of Mr. Price was created using vector shapes on one layer in Illustrator, providing the color in the face and eyes, and another layer of .png files created in Photoshop converting the original image to halftones, drawing a very palpable, textured feel to the image, as well as a jigsaw-puzzle feel to the colored elements. Lettering for Riff Cannon's name was hand-drawn using charcoal/pencil brush options from Adobe Illustrator.